HR Transformers on Twitter

So you are no longer a HR Twitter Virgin, you have got yourself a Twitter username and added your appealing bio.   You may also have found your favourite celebrity tweeter, or your favourite magazines on Twitter.

HRTransformers on Twitter

Now it's time to really dig a bit deeper into your particular 'thing'. At Glass Bead Consulting , our particular 'thing' is HR Transformation , improving people management in organisations by applying various techniques and tools in technology, skills and solutions. This includes a broad group of people including HR professionals, writers, academics, consultants, vendors, technologists and various others who are interested in improving people management.

We have created different lists of 'HR Transformers' using a feature called Twitter Lists, primarily so we can read useful and relevant twitter streams. Many of these people have their own blogs and publications and we thought it might be useful to share these with you, so you can benefit from their views, resources and links. The lists are a starting point and new people are joining Twitter all the time – so please suggest others to follow and we will update.

HR Transformers on Twitter

1. HR Transformers-Bloggers Bloggers with a passion for HR transformation
2. HR Transformers-Analysts Industry analysts who have a focus on HR Technology, Human Capital Management or HR Outsourcing
3. HR Transformers-Writers HR Journalists or writers with an interest for HR Transformation
4. HR Transformers Techies HR Technology experts or suppliers
5. HR Transformers-Consultants HR consultants with a focus on HR Transformation
6. HR Transformers HR Outsourcing HR and BPO outsourcing vendors and commentators
7. HR Transformers Change Experts in managing change
8. HR Transformers OD Experts in Organisational Design
9. HR Publications HR Magazines and journals
10. Leadership Experts in leadership
11. Recruiters Those involved in recruitment with an interest in social media

We have also consolidated all of these lists to our own Listorious HR Transformers List which is a useful Twitter resource.

Please comment below on any other HR Transformers you recommend to follow on Twitter and we will add to the lists. Self-promotion is actively encouraged, especially for the shy and retiring Brits.

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4 Responses to “HR Transformers on Twitter”

  1. Mike Morrison Says:

    Great post and great lists – keep it up!
    all the best

  2. AndySpence Says:

    Hi Mike, great to meet you in person recently at the HR Tweet-Up. Many thanks for your kind comments!  This is much appreciated, Andy

  3. DiscussHR Says:

    Hey Andy.. thanks so much for the inclusion of DiscussHR in your list of Blogger.  Great Idea for an article and excellent list of folks.. in fact, we picked up a few HR tweeps to follow along the way!
    Cheers DiscussHR share, learn, discuss…

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    […] 5. HR Transformers on Twitter […]

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