Stop, Start, Continue – A Guide for HR Transformers

Over time every department picks up activities that were meant to be ‘temporary’, done as a ‘workaround’ or done as part of an agreement between people who left years ago.  

Stop, Start, Continue Guide for HR Transformers

          These tasks still get done but we overlook the original purpose and value to the organisation. This stops us from doing tasks that are more productive or useful.   An exercise we find useful is a Stop, Start & Continue review.
  • Simply list all the activities you do in a particular area, department or role.
  • Decide which activities you will now STOP as they are no longer useful or add little value
  • Determine which activities you just have to CONTINUE, as they keep the show on the road
– And then having created some spare capacity, ADD those activities that have been on the To Do list for much too long that you plan to START.  

Download your Stop, Start, Continue Worksheet below:


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When to Use Stop, Start, Continue in HR

We have found Stop, Start, Continue useful at an individual level, for a role e.g. HR Business Partner or for a function, e.g. Human Resources. In the context of HR Transformation, we often use this technique as a preliminary step before allocating HR activities to a part of the new organisation structure or in designing new roles. This exercise works well as a facilitated session with small groups. It sounds obvious but it is important to eliminate redundant activities before designing a new organisation.  

Examples of Stop, Start, Continue activities with HR

Activities to Stop

  • Doing line managers work with employee performance issues
  • Organising the Christmas Party
  • Creating manual reports every month without automating
  • Renewing contracts without assessing the market
  • Manually entering data into a system because of that temporary system workaround

Activities to Continue

  • Delivering excellent employment advice
  • To work with business leaders to plan future scenarios
  • To coach teams on improving performance

Activities to Start

  • Investigate how social media tools can reduce the cost of recruitment
  • Determine and measure HR cost drivers
  • Find out what Managers really think about HR service
  • Develop a HR Monthly Dashboard
  • Reviewing contracts with HR suppliers
  Let us know, what will you Stop, Start and Continue ?    
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