About Glass Bead Consulting

We help organisations transform their HR function.

Changing ‘what’ and ‘how’ HR is delivered will enable you to succeed with your HR strategy.

We can help you to work out what HR needs to do, how to organise your HR effectively and help you design and implement a new HR Operating Model.

We work with clients to understand their business needs and then agree on the best blend of expert resources required for a particular outcome.  This is usually a mix between internal client team members and our consultants.  We would supplement your team where you might need specific expertise for example HR Process Design or to support to establish a HR Transformation Programme.  One of our aims is to ensure we share these skills with client team members.

We do not employ a pool of less experienced consultants and develop them during client engagements, instead, we believe in providing clients with exactly the skills they need for a particular outcome or deliverable.  Our clients have told us that they find this better value than hiring an individual to fill a role for a fixed-term.

We have established a great team of associates over the years who have worked together on HR Transformation Programmes.  Our consultants will work with you to identify your requirements for delivering your business objectives. We will then engage with our diverse pool of independent experts in areas such as HR Process Design, Process Improvement/6 Sigma, HR Programme Management, HRIS, HR Strategy and Change Management to enhance your HR Project Team.

We offer you:

  • In-depth knowledge and expertise in HR Transformation
  • Support for a HR Transformation project
  • Proven tools and tactics
  • A ‘fresh pair of eyes’ to provide new ideas and review scope, goals and plans

We work with our clients at different stages in the transformation lifecycle, helping you make the business case for change. Working as your consulting partner we provide experience, tried and tested tools, as well as training for your staff. Glass Bead Consulting has successfully delivered HR transformation goals across different sectors and geographies using different tactics. We’ve worked for clients and suppliers for HR outsourcing, HR delivery and HR consultancy.

We can help transform your HR function to deliver real value to your organisation. Contact Glass Bead Consulting

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