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This is the 66th article from the HR Transformer Blog since it was set up in 2008 – thankyou for reading!

A lot has changed for all of us since then, in organisations and in our careers.

I have led, advised and worked on over 30 transformation programmes over the years. One learning from HR Transformation, is that you can’t fundamentally change organisations by changing one business function. A holistic approach is needed. The way we manage people in organisations is dictated by how we view work, and that is changing rapidly.

Which is why I have established Workforce Futurist Newsletter, if you haven’t already, I hope you will subscribe to it

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It covers how the Workforce is changing in the context of the pandemic, how a new infrastructure for work is being built and its impact on different industries.

Outstanding speculation on the future of work.

Hung Lee – Recruiting Brainfood

I’ve known Andy Spence for a few years and his thinking is consistently a few years ahead of the vast majority of analysts and consultants in our space.

David Green -People Analytics leader

This article has really made me think about the next normal of how work will be done and how the workforce and society will come together to add new value to what is now seen as today’s broken model.

Hélène Stanway Global Head of Technology Innovation AXA

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There are more than 25 articles in the archive for you to browse, but here are a few that have got people talking:

Workforce Futurist Newsletter

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Four Work Trends Set to Boom Many more ways to earn and learn will be positive for workers, and watch out for a creative BOOM!

Blockchain Workforce Update #2 Latest updates on identity management, digital wallets replacing CVs/resumes in Singapore and a beer-machine that checks your age!

The Personal Data Backlash Next Up Recruitment? How secure is your personal career data, really?

Thanks for reading HR Transformer Blog and I look forward to seeing you over at Workforce Futurist!

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