Business Case Management

“Do you know your organisation’s ‘HR Cost to Serve’?” – the total cost of delivering HR services to employees.

In the average large size UK organisation the “HR Cost to Serve” is approximately £400 per employee excluding training.  A central issue for many HR managers is that they are required to demonstrate value for money, yet do not always have the necessary information. Having a good understanding of the HR cost drivers is key to assessing performance and aid decision making.  By not fully understanding your ‘Cost to Serve’ and other key metrics, you could be fixing the wrong problems.

Developing the business case for change in HR, is crucial to ensuring that benefits are delivered to the organisation.  Glass Bead Consulting provides you with detailed scenario modelling as the programme develops.

Business Case Management includes:

  • Establishing the cost/service baseline
  • Develop the business case structure
  • Scenario modelling
  • Ongoing benefits realisation

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