HR Transformation

Our HR Transformation Mantra

HR needs to transform itself first before it can lead change and transform organisations

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE.  Just about anything we want to do with our organisations relies on getting the most out of people and “HR occupies a powerful space at the intersection of the business and the people dynamics on which future success relies” Peter Cheese CIPD

HR TRANSFORMATION – IT’S NOT REALLY ABOUT HR.  Although HR is the focus, the outcome is about improving People Management in organisations.  HR is well positioned at the crux of workforce, productivity and human beings.  This is really about “Workforce Transformation” with HR making the rallying call.


Get some facts and make the case for change. Create a Vision. Make a Plan. Execute.

Glass Bead Consulting

7 Steps to Transform HR

We don't want to make it sound easy, it's not.  However we have developed a methodology and training material that clients have found helpful over the years.  7 Steps to Transform HR, was developed to provide useful tools and frameworks for teams to use during a transformation programme.  

Our Human Resource Consultants use a combination of Project Management, Change Management, Business Case Management and Outsourcing options analysis where appropriate to deliver effective results. We deliver real benefits to your organisation by:

  • Improving your HR service performance
  • Providing more clarity on roles and responsibilities in HR
  • Assessing whether your HR Services provide value for money
  • Helping your HR team to become more responsive to new services
  • Improving the perception of HR from stakeholders and internal customers

Before considering a transformation programme, ask yourself if you can answer the following:

  • What is the current state of your HR function and how does it compare to your competitors?
  • How do I produce a business case that sells the project to my senior stakeholders?
  • What processes can I outsource, what are the potential benefits and pitfalls?
  • What is the best way to construct a HR Transformation project team?
  • Is my organisation ready for a HR Transformation programme?
  • How can I ensure I avoid the pitfalls and problems that others have experienced?

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