HR Effectiveness Survey 2.0™

Why Conduct an HR Effectiveness Survey?

Every department within any organisation has a responsibility to demonstrate value and ensure their day-to-day activities are aligned with those of the business. When you consider 70% of the average organisation’s operating expense is on people related costs, Human Resources (HR) has arguably the biggest responsibility to deliver effective services. Ask yourself: “What do your employees and line managers actually think about your HR services?”

Glass Bead Consulting’s HR Effectiveness Survey 2.0™ provides a tangible answer to this question. The Survey helps you capture the views of your key stakeholders. By taking a snapshot view of what your organisation thinks about HR we help you pinpoint:

  • Where exactly you can improve service
  • How your HR function is currently perceived by your internal customers
  • What is really important to your internal customers
  • How well aligned is your HR service with the goals of the business
  • Are you delivering the important services effectively?
  • What are the priority areas for improvement or transformation?
  • It also gives a positive message to the rest of the organisation about your commitment to deliver and improve HR services.

HR Effectiveness Survey 2.0™ Outcomes

Upon completion of this Survey you will be able to:

  • Establish where to improve your service
  • Review feedback from your internal customers, collected and correlated by us – an independent authority
  • Validate your HR strategy
  • Benchmark your HR function internally
  • Supports a Business Case for change
  • Use our experienced team of HR management consultants to help develop an Action Plan

Top 3 Reasons to undertake an HR Effectiveness Survey

The HR Effectiveness Survey 2.0™ is a valuable undertaking with a host of business benefits. Our customers tell us the top 3 reasons for engaging with us are as follows:

1) HR needs transforming in line with your changing organisation, and you want help to prioritise which areas should be transformed or improved

2) Business executives want HR to demonstrate value or want external verification of performance

3) Sanity check your current HR strategy, or to help make a business case for change internally

Who is the HR Effectiveness Survey 2.0™ for?

  • Typically for HR functions serving one thousand or more staff
  • Suitable for all sectors including Private, Public and Not-for-Profit Organisations. Available across all geographies
  • HR Directors, Business Leaders, Internal and/or External Consultants will recognise the value this assessment delivers

Our Promise to You

Customised To Your Needs

  • Tailored according to your HR Processes
  • Branded in keeping with your organisation
  • Bespoke approach to your problem areas


  • We provide an unbiased and objective view from your employees and managers

A Service You Can Trust

  • Rely on the leading survey technology in the market
  • We uphold anonymity which means you get the honest, candid feedback that counts
  • A valuable fixed price service


HR Effectiveness Survey 2.0


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