HR Transformation Rapid Review

HR Transformation Rapid Review – an independent review for existing programmes

If you are thinking about a complex and expensive HR change programme, or if you happen to be in the middle of a programme and want an independent expert, then we can be your sounding board.

You might work with different vendors, but it’s sometimes useful go gain independent advice, on questions such as :-

  • Will this programme achieve business goals?
  • Is the programme set up correctly?
  • Do I have the right team in place, where are the gaps?
  • What are the key programme risks, how well are they being managed?

Our “Rapid Review” service enables you to tackle your specific key issues by taking you through a simple approach.

  1. We agree the questions you want to resolve 
  2. We review the programme and interview key individuals and stakeholders
  3. We highlight what we find as we go along and discuss possible solutions


We will deliver a Rapid Review Assessment report with our findings and importantly a set of recommended actions.  The reviews are fixed cost and can be completed in a short period of time.

Some clients also have also requested an experienced independent QA Advisor to attend their Programme Governance Board.

The starting point is an informal conversation to discuss how a Rapid Review might support your current programmes.

In a “Rapid Review” we typically evaluate :-

  • Ensure goals are linked to business objectives
  • Skills & capability of the Programme Team
  • Programme Management tools and processes
  • Readiness for change in the organisation and in HR
  • Capability of HR Systems to support HR Transformation goals
  • HR Process Hierarchy
  • Methodology and approach
  • Change Management Strategy


Led by a credible independent transformation expert

Andrew Spence, our HR Transformation Director will lead the review and bring in any agreed domain experts depending on the areas of focus.  

Andrew is a HR Transformation specialist with over 20 years experience leading complex change management programmes in the UK, Europe and US. He has worked with leading outsourcing and consulting companies Accenture, Deloitte and AON Hewitt.   He has worked on over 22 major HR Change and Transformation programmes with organisations including; BP, John Lewis Partnership, Novartis, United Health Group, ESAB and the UK Public Sector including NHS (National Health Service) Trusts, Department for Transport and HM Prison Service.  

Increase the probability of programme success

By choosing a Rapid Review, you will be able to :-

  • provide assurance to your Board that the Programme has been set up to succeed
  • ensure that a robust risk management approach has been established
  • identify any areas for improvement and quick wins
  • share our critical success factors from working on over 20 different HR Transformation Programmes
  • give an independent view of Programme team skills and capabilities

The starting point is an informal conversation to discuss how a Rapid Review might support your current programmes.

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