How HR Can Shape the Future of Work

How HR can shape the Future of Work 

This one-day masterclass led by Andy Spence, highlights how the ‘future of work mega trends’ such as technological innovation (AI, wearables, augmented reality, mobile, blockchain)  and workforce demographics are impacting organisations.  The aim is to inform and promote discussion so you can make better decisions about the future of HR.

With chat-bots handling our customer queries, contract workers being paid in crypto-currencies and industries turning themselves upside down.

The question is, What is the role of HR in navigating us through all this change? 

“Many of our current people management practices belong in the last century and need to be redesigned for the digital economy.”

As leaders we need to design our future organisations, learn from past HR transformations, have confidence in which people management practices produce tangible results, and develop a HR model that is fit for the future. 

Andrew Spence, your facilitator, hosts an interactive and thought-provoking workshop that will leave participants with a clear view of how HR will add value to the business in the coming years.  Andy describes how HR can respond to the mega-trends and take a lead by sharing his insights from technology, people analytics, behavioural science and evidence-based management.  

Andy and Harri Robot SD Worx


The workshop will be designed specifically for you, and is usually attended by the HR team, but can include wider business stakeholders and adjusted to accommodate their needs. 

At the end of the session the team are usually energised with a clear view of HR will add value to the business in the coming years.

Typical topics include:

  • Emerging mega-trends in the future of work
  • Technology innovation -> from cloud, mobile, VR, wearables, AI to blockchain
  • The benefits of People Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in HR
  • Trends in collaboration and team working
  • Making better decisions using evidence-based practice in HR
  • Developing a vision for HR that will achieve current and future business goals
  • Trends in HR models that are fit for future
  • The HR transformation Journey, lessons learned on how to succeed
  • Making the most of HR technology available, a view of the HR systems market
  • Developing your own HR Roadmap for change

Typically we work out the goals of the session together and agree the design.

The cost is fixed, and usually held at a venue that is most convenient for participants.

The starting point is an informal discussion to see if your organisation would benefits from this workshop.  


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